It is our aim to help you help you maintain, enhance, and manage your properties.   Increasing your assets value and helping them work for you is our priority.  Through an exceptional  network of professionals in their various disciplines, we can arrange home and marine improvement projects of any scale.

Our team also works with some of the brightest and most creative marketing professionals in South Florida and a host of highly specialized  companies world wide to assist in the brokerage, rental, and charter process.   Building value and maximizing the financial and intangible returns on your investments is goal.

Remodels, Restoration, & Maintenance
Audio/Video and Security Systems Design & Construction
Landscape, Pool, Patio Design & Maintenance
Interior Design and Housekeeping

Entire Vessel Management, Monitoring, and Control Solutions
Mechanical, AC, and Plumbing Repair & Maintenance
Electric System Design, Repair, and Upgrades
Communications, IT, Navigation, Audio/Video, & Security
Painting, Fiberglass, Carpentry, Detailing, & Interiors

* We can also help organize care for your automobiles (Repair, Maintenance, and Detailing) and pets (Grooming, Walking, Sitting, Washing)

At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure your properties are maximizing their returns for you.  We will work tirelessly to increase their value both personally, and monetarily, or if you chose, to help you create income streams through rentals and/or charters.  With a talented media production, web design, and marketing team, we will help illuminate your home or vessel in the best light and make sure your listings are in all the right places.